Coronavirus and Durham’s Hospitality Industry

Covid-19 is a virus that doesn’t discriminate. It’s affected us all around the globe in different ways and has impacted some more than others. Knowing the hospitality sector to be one of the industries worst hit from the pandemic – I took a trip to Durham, in the North East of England, to see howContinue reading “Coronavirus and Durham’s Hospitality Industry”

Covid-19 in the UK: Who is at fault?

The news that almost 20,000 people could have been saved if we had entered into lockdown 1 week earlier should be met with indignation. Indignation directed straight towards Boris Johnson, who could have prevented countless deaths. Not only have they failed the 20,000 individuals who died as a result of Covid-19 but also…

Orange Cake Recipe

I’ve picked up a few skills during lockdown and only a handful of them will be coming with me as I step out into freedom (which may still be a little while off). This cake has kept me sane, well fed, and in the good books with my family after one of the many lockdown moods I’ve put them through. Have a go at baking it yourself with this easy recipe.