Greed (2019)

Michael Winterbottom (‘The Trip’, ‘Cock and Bull Story’) pokes fun at the super rich with his 2020 satirical melodrama ‘Greed’. Loosely based on billionaire Phillip Green, the movie follows fashion mogul Richard McCreadie -played by Steve Coogan- as staff plan his lavish 60th Birthday Party in Mykonos.

With contribution from Sean Gray (‘The Thick of It’, ‘Veep’) the script is full of witty remarks and snarky one liner’s, all of which allow Steve Coogan and co-star Isla Fisher -playing McCreadie’s ex-wife- to shine in familiar roles. Other stars include David Mitchell (‘Peep Show’), Asa Butterfield (‘Sex Education’) and Shirley Henderson (‘Harry Potter’). The film has a range of oddity characters that show promise but never seem reach their entertainment or developmental potential.

Keeping you moderately entertained throughout with the use of subplots, flashback montages and entertaining -yet coherent- explanations of tax avoidance; the film culminates with shock and drama, confusing the tone slightly but ultimately working with its informative end credits.

It’s a “kill the rich” satire with a great soundtrack and fantastic acting, showing the stark parallel between the lives of billionaire moguls and those working at the very bottom of the supply chain.

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