Summer 2020 – Key Trends.

Spring 2020 has well and truly been a bust, as fashion diva Rachel Green would say ‘ isn’t it just kick you in the crotch, spit on your neck fantastic?!’.

We can however see some semblance of joy on the horizon for summer, restrictions have eased (HURRAH!). With the end of lockdown comes the social distance gloom though, but hey at least we’re allowed out of our houses, right?

Where spring was full of casual comfort and relaxation, summer’s geared up for a lot more action. Here’s some tips straight off the runway to really pull your style out of the bag, as the sun gets brighter and the days get warmer dress to impress.

Summer 2020 runway shows fully encompassed trends that can seep in and breezily mix with your wardrobe. As per, versatility is key for a budget lovers’ wardrobe, buy things you can easily mix and match to save busting the bank.


Lime green was especially prominent this year, as were animal prints. Think bigger than ever before and wear clashing prints to ooze maximalist style.

Green Cigarette Trousers: £28

Leopard Print Skirt: £35


Multiple eras were sewn into this summers mix. We were bombarded with 70’s style chunky boots (that just gush with style) and kitten heels straight out of the 90’s. Earn some extra style points by going square toed and having your ankles snuggly wrapped.

White Boots: £20

Kitten Heels: £19.99


This summer, once again, the detail is on underwear. Topped with beautiful sheer blouses, this is another great opportunity to mix and match different styles. The possibilities really are endless.

Sheer Floral Blouse: £28

Red Brallette: £12

Sheer Tie Dye Crop Top: £12


Yes, tie dye is coming back and its everywhere. Tops, joggers, underwear and even accessories. Get yourself in on the trend and transport yourself straight to the trendy 60’s.

Weekday Tie Dye Bag: £35

Tie Dye Joggers: £25

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