Covid-19 – Lockdown Week 3

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As we’re all heading into week three of lock down, I can imagine we’re all climbing the walls a little bit. I know some are baking. Others are writing, crafting and even painting to pass the time.  

In terms of hobbies for myself, I’ve dabbled in a few; I’ve picked up a guitar, a paintbrush and a new baking craze that’s resulted in the purchase of a stand mixer. I’ve made about five orange cakes, to my surprise each has tasted better than the last.  I’ve had my cupcakes cave in twice despite following the recipe to the letter (maybe they’re not my thing), none the less all 24 of them tasted divine. I hopped onto the banana bread bandwagon and hopped straight back off upon tasting it, I now know full well banana bread is not my thing.

Despite all this, the situation we’re all in can still become daunting. It can be overwhelming not knowing when it’ll be over. I’ve found limiting the amount of news I take in to be helpful, I’m taking things week by week and I try my best to make light of the situation. It’s important to remember that we’ll not get this time back, the time spent with loved ones or the opportunity (albeit forcefully felt) to learn and explore new hobbies.

With all this in mind, I’m loosely planning my days. I’m learning to take things easy; I’m doing things on a whim and at my own pace.

If you want to read, then read. If you want to write, then write. If you want to clean, then clean. If you want to do nothing then lounge, and, if you want to cry, definitely let it out.

Stay tuned for the recipes I’ve been using because they’re perfect distractions now and will be the best treats for your friends when this is all over.

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Journalism and Media MA student at Newcastle University. Avid writer and journalist. Currently reporting for Jesmond Local.

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