‘Lay Your Head On Me’ – Major Lazer & Marcus Mumford

From left to right: Marcus Mumford, Ape Drums, Walshy Fire, Diplo. – Photo credit: nme.com

Major Lazer are back after their recent release of ‘Rave De Favela’ and they’re back with non-other than Marcus Mumford in tow. The Major Lazer trio of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums, are merging minds with the Mumford frontman to create Mumford’s first ever feature collaboration ‘Lay Your Head On Me’.

Reportedly arising from Diplo and Mumford’s friendship, ‘Lay Your Head on Me’ was created when the two first started playing music together.

Co-written by MO (who has previously worked with Major Lazer to produce ‘Lean On’ and ‘Cold Water’) the single was released just last week and has since been dubbed as ‘tropical folk’.  The sound created is certainly a perfect blend of each band’s best qualities, we get the best of both worlds with energetic bouncy beats from Major Lazer and a soothing folk twang provided by Marcus Mumford’s distinctive vocals.

The mix of sounds has the potential to be 2020’s summer anthem.

Led by decisive guitar chords and single strums, we have a single filled with euphoric electronic loops, light tin drumbeats and an emotionally elevating chorus of voices and airy echo’s of “It’s ok, it’s alright”. Here we have a song that is as reassuring and uplifting as the message it portrays. Something much needed at this moment in time and something we can all relate to. The resonating lyrics of “This too shall pass” and “it won’t always be the same” seem to be an ode to the current pandemic and remind us all that it is only temporary.

In a facebook statement promoting the single, Major Lazer spoke a little about the current situation:

In these times most of us are in our homes feeling extremely alone while the world is social distancing. just know that you’re not. We’re all humans and we’re all in this together. We want you to know musically we are here for you. Hoping this brings some positivity to your day.

Major Lazer

This single comes ahead of Major Lazer’s 4th LP ‘Lazerism’. With a due date still to be announced, could this new single be a little LP preview? We can’t wait to find out.  


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