Dom Hemingway 2013 – Film Review

Dom Hemingway 2003 – photo credit:

Although released in 2013, this film only recently fell on my lap. It turned out to be the perfect pick me up for a tedious quarantined night alone.

A raw and uplifting movie, it follows Dom Hemingway. A typical 90’s British gangster, a pro safe cracker, a sharp and witty man with a bold attitude. We first pick up with Dom as he finishes a 12-year prison stretch. We watch as he makes a number of questionable decisions and we follow him, initially as he gets what he believes he is owed by his boss for not snitching, then as he attempts to pull his life out of the gutter.

Cheeky and rough, you can’t help but love Dom, despite his questionable morals and vulgar attitude. The confidence of the protagonist is one of his most endearing qualities, as are the glimpses of tenderness we see as he attempts to reform his relationship with his adult daughter (Emilia Clarke).

Jude Law shines as Dom Hemingway. Depicting all sides of his eclectic personality excellently. We believe every word put forward and fall for each sensitive or assertive portrayal. Likewise, Richard Grant excels as Dom’s gritty right-hand man Dickie.

Written and directed by Emmy award winner Richard Shepard, Dom Hemingway is a must see. Subliminal acting, great cinematography and a fitting soundtrack create an uplifting piece of art.  A well written script, filled with raw real-life detail, dry wit and glimpses of tenderness. The heartfelt scenes and charismatic characters will have you smiling through your tears.

Overall, it’s a film with an edgy gangster protagonist and similar aesthetic. A must-see that captures your attention through with its charming storyline and quick-witted characters you can’t help but fall for.

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