Becoming Idle During Covid-19

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I happened upon this page title a couple of weeks ago. Recently however, it seems more prominent. Aren’t we all becoming more idle at the moment?

I certainly am. A family member has symptoms so we’re under quarantine (or self-isolation I’m uncertain which is the correct term) for two weeks.

There’s a couple of feelings frothing at the forefront of my emotions at the minute. One is confusion, why aren’t people being tested? How is it drive through test centres are popping up abroad but here we are struggling to get tested even if we have severe symptoms? If you know of any legitimate reasons, please leave them below. The question arises of why people may be losing their sole incomes in order to isolate, when in fact they may not actually have come into contact with someone with Covid-19. Of course, self-isolating is definitely for the greater good so whilst we’re unable to get tested it is something we must do.

Another feeling that’s swimming around at the moment is boredom, mixed with frustration and tinged slightly with creativity. We’re all going through a period where time is appearing plentiful and it seems we all feel the need to do something with this newly acquired bounty of time. This seems to have created a community wide feeling of pressure. In light of this, I think it is important to remember that the world is slowing down and it gives us the opportunity to slow down too. You do not have to be productive, do not push hard if obstacles are in your way. Take this time to carry out your whims, do things you enjoy, relax, unwind, be idle.

Photo by cottonbro on

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