The Snuts – Mixtape EP Review

The Snuts, Mixtape EP cover – Photo: The Snuts Facebook

Straight off the back of a remarkable 2019, indie foursome ‘The Snuts’ have released their energetic and motivating EP titled ‘Mixtape’.

Brimming with original riffs and a multitude of other dazzling hooks; the album is a mix of uplifting indie tunes, original intermittent tracks and one lone ballad that adds resounding depth to the band’s aesthetic.

‘King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut’, in Glasgow, is a known hot bed for up-and-coming musical talent, known predominantly as the place Oasis were discovered. Debuting their EP to a sold-out crowd, at the same venue, ‘The Snuts’ rocked the show. They proved their talent and threw their album out into the world.

The energy delivered by the band across the entire album seems to surpass the songs and can motivate even the squarest of dancers. You’ll find yourself unexpectedly humming along and singing each chorus, most noticeably to the resoundingly catchy ‘Fatboy Slim’ that kicks off the album.
The decisive riffs, eccentric chorus and dramatic riffs of ‘All your Friends’ keep up the pace, with the quick beats and vigorous vocals in ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’ intertwining perfectly.

The uplifting tone is only halted for the enticing and melodic sounds of ‘Boardwalk’. Where slow vocals and slow riffs intertwine and give us a deeper insight into, lead singer, Jack Cochrane’s vocal ability.  

Positioning at number 4 on the charts, ‘Mixtape’ is already being well received. They’ve certainly proven themselves again and we can expect to see more of the Scottish lads in 2020.

Jack Cochrane, Joe McGillveray, Callum Wilson
and Jordan Mackay – Photo Credit: Charlie Cummings

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