Sorry – ‘Snakes’ (Single Review)

Snakes artwork – photo:

Sorry are once again in the spotlight teasing us with another song from their upcoming debut LP, titled ‘925’.

Londoners Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen have been producing snippets of the album since November 2018, when they first released ‘Starstruck’.

The fourth of their singles, ‘Snakes’ seems to hit a little sulkier than the others. It lacks the character we get through the catchiness of ‘Right Around The Clock’ and ‘Rock And Roll Star’.

A simple start, with simple riffs, create an atmosphere of dread. It’s certainly the vocals and lyrics that breathe life into the dreary tune. The simplicity of the sounds being churned together with the drawl and melody of Lorenz, allow Sorry take us on a journey of sweet melancholy.

The accompanying video bears the same aesthetic we would expect from the band, with a live python rolling around a studio flat.

Overall, it’s a melancholy hit that shines lyrically. Co-produced by James Dring, who has aided the likes of other indie stars like Jamie T, ‘925’ is set to be released at the end of this month (March 27th).  I’ll see you all in the queue.

Louis O’Bryen & Asha Lorenz – photo: sorrybankuk facebook page

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