‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’ – Art Brut Album Review

Album Cover – Photo: alcopop.bandcamp.com

7 years since their last album release, and 13 years since their first, Art Brut are back. With newcomers Charlie Layton (drummer) and Toby Macfarlaine (guitarist) in tow, frontman Eddie Argos has regrouped Art Brut to breathe tantalizing new life into the punk rock scene.

Things haven’t changed much since their early days, with the spoken word vocals and sharp riffs seen in their breakthrough single ‘We Formed A Band’ still resonating across their verses today. The entire album reeks of attitude and is jam packed full of energetic riffs and resounding lyrical beats.

Argos has previously referred to his music as conversational, this is certainly still the case as ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out!’ has been used as an outlet for him to tell us about his experiences, ranging in variety over the last few years. Through the cheery vocals in ‘Hospital!’ and the tingling riffs in ‘Good Morning Berlin’ he shows us what inspired and transitioned his everyday life.

Sometimes heavy, but consistently uplifting, the album has a few standout songs. ‘I Hope You’re Very Happy Together’ has sharp riffs with vocals that pack a punch and attitude.  ‘Kultfigur’ has a catchiness and simplicity that resonates and fits right into the underground rock scene. The mellower tone of ‘Veronica Falls’ adds depth and variety to the album.

Overall, it’s an energetic album with quick riffs and resounding lyrics that make the listener think. The spoken-sung style Argos has incorporated helps pack a punch and add depth to each resounding drumbeat.
It’s a mix of tantalising riffs, booming base and punk vocals. A bundle of pure rebellion and energy stirred together with cheery guitar solos.

Art Brut have rocked back onto the scene with the same humour, intelligence and teenage angst they have been exhibiting since the beginning. It’s been a long but worthwhile wait, people are certain to want more.

Art Brut – Photo: Art Brut Facebook

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